Stable release - v1.8.0
This is a fork of the Havoc firmware, which itself was a fork of the PortaPack firmware, an add-on for the HackRF. Please check the readme for details.

Revision (v1.8.0):
37386c2 - @kallanreed: Oversample (#1336)
2ae6394 - @gullradriel: fix/simplify internal timing (#1348)
1188157 - @NotherNgineer: Reject bmp images that aren't 240 pixels wide (#1351)
cb0a485 - @Brumi-2021: Increase REC BW Option till 1Mhz Capture App (#1352)
853ca2e - @Brumi-2021: Solve_quality_problem_low_bit_rate_100k_150k_REC_Capture_App (#1367)
5cfd7f1 - @Brumi-2021: Small error correction to PR 1367 (#1368)
ff7a9d1 - @NotherNgineer: Load App Settings after initializing RadioState (#1371)
e74a9f3 - @NotherNgineer: Limit text string length to fit Text widget rectangle (#1370)
09b9ed6 - @Brumi-2021: avoid yellow icon in Audio App (minor issue) (#1372)
f079d57 - @gullradriel: Recon: fixed behavior of auto update m-ranges (#1374) and coloring
e1cc0b1 - @NotherNgineer: Show file count in each directory, and moved "Too many files" message (#1376)
12dbf95 - @Brumi-2021: Extend REC low bit rate bandwith options in Capture App till 75khz (#1380)
deeb81c - @NotherNgineer: Correct text field width (#1383)
bd2ee03 - @gullradriel: Restoring part of old timer, fixed sd loading (#1385)
a4636d7 - @Brumi-2021: Finalise all low bit rate Capture App with x64 (#1386)
63f9974 - @kallanreed: First pass at custom app-settings support (#1381)
cc963c3 - @gullradriel: Recon: Only update manual field if current entry is a range (#1387)
d8a6422 - @kallanreed: Consolidate old and new style app settings (#1391)
a4325ac - @NotherNgineer: Disable audio by default at power-up (#1393)
c6424f1 - @NotherNgineer: Display degree symbol in TPMS, Sonde, and Temperature apps; disabled Font Viewer (#1388)
564f76b - @kallanreed: Use new settings API in recon and scanner (#1394)
09404ca - @NotherNgineer: Default to AK4951 speaker disabled (#1396)
95a48e5 - @NotherNgineer: Store search range in settings file (#1397)
a476647 - @kallanreed: Don't use raw new/delete (#1398)
dc9a16c - @kallanreed: Looking Glass - persist range/preset settings, UI tweaks (#1401)
4a14799 - @kallanreed: More settings and cleanup (#1402)
f537c78 - @kallanreed: Scanner persisted freq file, TextField for current item (#1403)
966d1c9 - @NotherNgineer: Automatically switch to C8 capture format when bandwidth >1.5MHz (#1404)
f4496d8 - @NotherNgineer: Enable lto optimization for application code only (#1405)
9af1308 - @kallanreed: Pocsag UX Revamp (#1408)
cf25d85 - @NotherNgineer: Declare escape strings for colored text (#1409)
933920e - @kallanreed: POCSAG State machine fix (#1410)
014db9e - @kallanreed: Option to hide address only messages (#1413)
d8930db - @NotherNgineer: Add Stack Dump option to debug menu and to GURU meditation fault (#1414)
e7e1bed - @kallanreed: Support squelch in pocsag (#1415)
de81156 - @kallanreed: Support for 1.25MHz capture (#1418)
4774b30 - @NotherNgineer: Support for displaying stack on screen after a fault (for debug) (#1416)
bd49486 - @kallanreed: Fix RSSI for apps using proc_capture (#1420)
c28b608 - @Brumi-2021: Minor issue : Slow down scrolling speed in BW 1.5Mhz onwards , and adding some TODO comments. (#1419)
4bc752b - @kallanreed: Support file count on sub-folders (#1423)
f46e20c - @kallanreed: Explain and clean up decimator scalars (#1422)
07be747 - @kallanreed: POCSAG Squelch and Filtering (#1424)
900086c - @NotherNgineer: Fixed 0.1Hz error in tone key frequencies 146.2, 156.7, and 162.2 (#1427)
5d602ec - @kallanreed: Add second pocsag proc for experimenting (#1428)
2435ee7 - @Brumi-2021: Small fine tuning xOVS selection for BW 25k (#1430)
4819a2f - @kallanreed: Decode status widget (#1431)
62310ad - @bernd-herzog: Config mode (#1433)
9525738 - @bernd-herzog: Config mode hackrf r9 disable external tcxo fallback (#1434)
31e8019 - @kallanreed: POCSAG Processor Rewrite (#1437)
b3312a7 - @kallanreed: Save 'raw log' setting (#1438)
4926cf8 - @kallanreed: POCSAG2 Revised bit extractor (#1439)
b282832 - @kallanreed: POCSAG clock detection 

Full Changelog: v1.7.4...v1.8.0

Check the wiki for details how to upgrade.

MicroSD card files
For certain functionality, like the world map, GPS simulator, and others you need to uncompress (using 7-zip) the files from to a FAT32 formatted MicroSD card.